The Oman House Investigation

On October 13th 2017 me and my hubby Rue will be investigating Dave Oman’s house, which is 200 ft from where the Manson murders occurred. This house is very active and they have evp’s with Sharon Tate’s voice and Abigail Folgers been seen in his house. I will be bringing all of the bells and whistles as in equipment and recently got my laser grid flashlight. I will be taping for my YouTube channel @ Vegasghostgirls, but also thinking about going live on Facebook and posting pics on Instagram and maybe live on twitter. I cant wait to go and i will keep you updated on this investigation. God Bless!!

Update of the Oman Investigation

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while but here we go!

The Oman house is located on Ceilo dr. in Beverly Hills,Ca and took us about 4 hours to drive there. We get there and David is there to greet us full of piss and vinegar! I loved David  he was so funny and an excellent host. We were not just investigating his house but also the house next door. I will tell you there was a lot of activity in both houses but the house next door was off the charts, maybe because they had a seance there and stirred up the activity. I had brought my portal and SCD2 program by Steve Huff  and we were getting crazy evps we had at one point in the night everyone in the house next door listening to the portal, and David comes by saying where did everyone go? It was funny. We had such an experience at his house and the next door that we will be going back there  again! If you have the chance to investigate at David Omans house do it. It usually run ya btw $60-$200 a night but he also has a bbq for all his guest. He was such a great host and a barrel of laughs.If you want go to my YouTube channel to see the videos! Don’t forget to subscribe and like and hit that bell so you can get the latest videos! Until next time Ghosties, see you on the spooky side.