Happy New Year’s!

Happy new year everyone my ghosties! Or is it? I stared out the new year in the hospital almost died but I’m back and ready and able to move forward in this coming year! There will be updates on the changes To my channel on YouTube and on my websites and how I handle business.

I just wanted to wish you all a prosperous new year!


Well Me and my sister and two other girls we met from Facebook went to investigate the ghost town of Gold Point, Nv. It is about a 3 hour drive from Las Vegas, and 30 miles from Goldfield, NV. It was originally a silver mining town was built in mid 1800’s around 1848, (don’t quote me my memorie stinks lol). Once the silver ran out they struck gold and it became a boomtown. We rented the senator Wyley’s cabin , which was his and his wife’s home until they died, The wife lived to the 1980’s. Walter is the man who runs the town. He is renovating the town to its original glory. There are 6 people that still live there year round and 11 seasonal residents, and is in the middle of the desert and the silence there is deafening, but quite beautiful Scenery. Walter is the greatest, he has stories to tell and a great saloon to tell them in. Also the saloon is known to have any type of drink you want they have. I even had a drink called adult chocolate milk and it was too good, if you know what I mean.

The investigation went well we had a lot of personal experiences and got evps on the ghostbox. When we were about to leave Walter, Bless his heart, said if we wanted we can stay another night for free! I was like hell yeah, but the girls we met on Facebook were like no we gotta go. They were acting a bit strange, so we pack up and head home. It wasn’t until I was home and they were gone that I realized They stole $160 out of my purse and then have the balls to say they like me but not my sister. By the time I found out they blocked me and I couldn’t do a thing. Lesson learned! Never go with people that you never met before. Always meet them in a public place and then get to really know them before you investigate with strangers, you never know what can happen.

All in all I loved Gold Point, Nv and I will be going back there to investigate again sometime this year and I have to visit good ol’ Walter. If you go ask for Walter tell him Vegasghostgirls sent ya. If you want to see the videos, you have to go to my YouTube channel Vegasghostgirls Paranormal investigators. Until next time Ghosties! See you on the spooky side!!




The Oman House Investigation

On October 13th 2017 me and my hubby Rue will be investigating Dave Oman’s house, which is 200 ft from where the Manson murders occurred. This house is very active and they have evp’s with Sharon Tate’s voice and Abigail Folgers been seen in his house. I will be bringing all of the bells and whistles as in equipment and recently got my laser grid flashlight. I will be taping for my YouTube channel @ Vegasghostgirls, but also thinking about going live on Facebook and posting pics on Instagram and maybe live on twitter. I cant wait to go and i will keep you updated on this investigation. God Bless!!

Update of the Oman Investigation

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while but here we go!

The Oman house is located on Ceilo dr. in Beverly Hills,Ca and took us about 4 hours to drive there. We get there and David is there to greet us full of piss and vinegar! I loved David  he was so funny and an excellent host. We were not just investigating his house but also the house next door. I will tell you there was a lot of activity in both houses but the house next door was off the charts, maybe because they had a seance there and stirred up the activity. I had brought my portal and SCD2 program by Steve Huff  and we were getting crazy evps we had at one point in the night everyone in the house next door listening to the portal, and David comes by saying where did everyone go? It was funny. We had such an experience at his house and the next door that we will be going back there  again! If you have the chance to investigate at David Omans house do it. It usually run ya btw $60-$200 a night but he also has a bbq for all his guest. He was such a great host and a barrel of laughs.If you want go to my YouTube channel to see the videos! Don’t forget to subscribe and like and hit that bell so you can get the latest videos! Until next time Ghosties, see you on the spooky side.