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We are here to help you! You may feel your going crazy, because things are happening around you and you can’t explain it away, well that’s where we come in. We have equipment that can capture evidence of paranormal activity, and ways of helping you get rid of them. We do not think your crazy. We just want to help!

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 Hello! Welcome to our first website for our team Vegasghostgirls Paranormal Investigators!

     My Name is Susie and I am the lead investigator in Vegasghostgirlspi (for short) Then there is my Sister Bonnie. The two of us are what you may call a sensitive or em-path. What this means is you basically feel energies and feel a room, house or people etc. and you feel the emotions attached to house, person or spirit. That’s how we are, but my sister can see and hear spirits, shes pretty good. We are originally from NY/ Rockland and Orange County which are between 45 min- 2 hours from the city. When my parents divorced, my mother moved us out to  Las Vegas and that was a gazillion years ago LOL, but we spent half here in Vegas and the other half in NYSorry off the subject LOL. All though being an em-path is a great on investigations we don’t only rely on this. I’m a believer but at the same time I’m a skeptic. I need evidence physical evidence I have a scientific mind I am always investigating and seeking out the truth! You will never see or hear a lie come out of my mouth and I expect the same from other investigators but that’s not always the case. I’m a Libra so I’m the scales-of-justice and that’s how I live my life, fairly and truthfully.I Did it again!! Off track argh!!Where was I?Oh yeah I was talking about obtaining evidence. I’ve been researching the paranormal ever since the first time I saw Ghost Hunters. Then ghost adventures came along with a different way of investigating, don’t get me wrong I liked both shows I investigate old school and new school ways.I will list the equipment I use Next!

Of course I have the handy dandy EVP recorder got to have that! A ghost box, K2 Meter, Laser grid, The SCD2 Made by Steve Huff and my hubby made me a Portal off of the specs from Steve Huff website What this does is makes it easier for the spirits to communicate, in a more clearer way. It’s amazing. We always come in peace and with love and respect. We do not provoke! You catch more bees with honey theory, works in all aspects of life and in death.


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Paranormal Investigations

We do not charge but do accept donations. We use the money only for investigations ie.,travel expenses like gas, food and lodging if not in Vegas. We accept donations from $1.00 and up depending on location.


We are a non-profit group, but do accept donations.

Susan Wade- Lead Investigator

Contact me @:Vegasghostgirlspi@gmail.com

If you need help, you can reach me There where we can exchange personal info then. 🙂

Don’t forget the address its: Vegasghostgirlspi.org